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I'm an independent geospatial software developer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I enjoy helping companies and organisations to present their geographic information on a map and manage it in an efficient way.

I enjoy working both with technology as well as with people. My ideal working environment is transparent, non-hierarchical, cooperative and internationally oriented. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the fields of environmental sciences and sustainable development. I strongly prefer working with open source (GIS) software and open standards.

I am pragmatic, have eye for detail and strong analytical insight, but I also look at the big picture. I believe that technology should in the end be applicable and serve all people who work with it.

I have good writing skills, I'm a good listener and I communicate in a friendly and calm way. I enjoy making technology understandable to the people who work with it. Finally I'm always looking for ways to develop myself professionally and personally.


GIS Software Development

I can help you develop your geospatial (web) applications. I can work with various programming languages and tools on both client and server. I strive for simple and efficiently designed software that is easy to work with.

Technical Consultancy

I can help you design your application or geographical data management process. I enjoy thinking about the usability of applications, finding efficient ways of working and interacting with users and stakeholders.

Communication & Support

I can help you make technology understandable to users and stakeholders using my good writing and communication skills. I am proficient in both Dutch and English.



A selection of projects I've worked on:

Web application for panoramic and satellite images


Cyclomedia provides highly detailed panoramic images of the public space as well as aerial photography. I have worked with their team to design and develop a new web-based application for viewing and analysing these images (Javascript, React.js, OpenLayers).

Web map viewer for soil information system

Nazca IT Solutions

For Nazca IT Solutions I have built a web map viewer and integrated it into their soil information system Nazca Bodem (OpenLayers, Javascript, ASP.NET/C#).

City council online GIS platform

City of Rotterdam

I have worked on extending and improving the city council's web-based GIS system for the City of Rotterdam (Javascript, OpenLayers, ExtJS, C#, ASP.NET MVC).

OpenStreetMap server

Organic Vectory

I have installed and configured a server for Organic Vectory with all OpenStreetMap data of The Netherlands (Ubuntu Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Ruby on Rails).




I was a software developer, architect and shareholder at startup company Qmaps, a platform for publishing, sharing and viewing online maps (Javascript, OpenLayers, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, CartoDB, HTML5/CSS). Together with the co-founders, we participated and presented at accelerator programs Seedcamp Barcelona and hub:raum Berlin.

SeaDataNet / GeoSeas


SeaDataNet and GeoSeas are large EU projects for creating an geographic data infrastructure for marine scientific data. I have created web services for this project (ASP.NET, SOAP, Mapserver) as well as user interfaces (Javascript), introduced OGC standards (WMS, WFS, CSW), and provided technical input, documentation and user support.




Within the Humboldt project I have installed and configured a CSW server (GI-cat) and built a web based client for it (Javascript), set up a WFS server (Geoserver) and contributed to technical documentation.




For the INSEA project I have built a web based GIS portal (Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, Mapserver) that displays data from an ecological model (raster data) on a map. The source data consists of a NetCDF file or an OpenDAP server.


Soil Information System Nazca

CSO Environmental Consultants

At CSO Environmental Consultants I have worked on the development of their web based soil information system Nazca. Some aspects I have worked on are developing a new data model (Oracle Spatial), creating a module for importing and exporting XML file in the SIKB standard format (ASP.NET/C#, NHibernate, XSLT), and developing the GIS viewer (Flash/ActionScript).

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